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Street Art is individual, different and pretty refreshing. Streeticons provides high quality reproductions of enthusiastically designed urban art motifs, produced in strictly limited quantities. By both well-established and aspiring representatives of 21st century pop art. Whether an exclusive, strictly limited edition collector’s item or an exciting piece of home and wall deco in your living area – Streeticons provides you with the perfect style patterns for your living room, your home office or whatever.

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Lindal Group

Back in the early 80’s there were only a couple of spray can caps which could be used for graffiti. Most of the time the right spray can caps could be found on deodorant and hairspray cans.

Later, the Lindal Group developed and manufactured models of spray can caps especially for graffiti and street art artists who use a wide variety of caps from very skinny to super fat.

All these developments contribute to the artistic improvement and skills of all people using spray cans.

MTN Montana Colors

Mtn Colors
Montana Colors is more than a spray can manufacturer, it is also lifestyle brand.

Montana Colors has MTN shops, galleries and even a Montana cafe & pizza place in Barcelona. They were one of the first to have The Original Fat Cap Chairs in their café and also at the Montana Colors headquarters.