Artists Collaborations

DomeOne (Germany)

The artwork of DomeOne is based on his philosophy that what’s on the surface, not always shows what something really is. Clothing, appearance, finery, facade, make-up, decoration, prestige and status symbols – after taking a closer look, the superficial cognition of the environment manifests as a “puppet-esque” masquerade and the true nature of all things can be seen. People wear these masks for different reasons: self-protection, vanity, diffusion, social identification and adaption of self-discovery. Just a look behind the façade and the description of the bare facts finally reveal the truth…

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SatOne (Germany)

SatOne is illustrator and self-employed artist in Munich, originally from Venezuela. The skilled graphic designer discovered his interest in graffiti in early life, developed his very own style in an intensive way and found a formal vocabulary, that perpetrated a fascinating middle course between technocracy and the artwork of imaginary worlds. The figures seem futuristicabstract, still don´t miss a certain clemency by having organic forms and faces.

The skilful mixture of graphic style and free acrylic elements brings suspense and opens up worlds, in which graphic design, illustration and abstract art melt into an inseparable unity.

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Pixelpancho (Italy)

Pixelpancho was born in Turin. Pixel always has had a passion for color, form, art and design and knew that this would be part of his life since the beginning. His years at the Schools of Fine Arts in Turin and Valencia led him to the world of design, graphics, and above all the graffiti and street art scene. Pixels studies and his determination for experimenting with different mediums opposed to the classic formula of the academy made him stand out from the others, as he followed his passion for using spray cans and markers and working on outdoor surfaces opposed to the classic paper and canvas.

His travels through the United States and to cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Warsaw, Vienna and many others for graffiti jams and expositions in galleries has made it possible for Pixel Pancho’s style to evolve from the simple Robot character to the more complex compositions that we can see in his work today. There is a lot to be expected from this young and motivated artist, the work of Pixel Pancho has just begun!

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Nychos (Austria)

Nychos and the Rabbit Eye Movement

In his early years, Nychos (Vienna) became occupied with comic and cartoon drawing and sensed in which direction life would drag him. Yet only with his school education, where he became graphic designer and through "psychic anomalies", he set free his imploring creative urge.

Graffiti and street art are his main field of work. During the whole year he travels all over Europe to paint his art. He works with spray can a lot because it is the quickest way to get colours into pictures. Since 2004 Nychos’ trademark has been the white rabbit. In the year 2005, he launched the project and street art label "Rabbit Eye Movement". The Rabbit Eye Movement is just a little part in his creative universe but a very important part for his whole development as an artist!

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Graphic Surgery (Netherlands)

Graphic Surgery consists of Amsterdam based artists Erris Huigens and Gysbert Zijlstra. Around 2000, during art academy, they discovered that the contemporary city was their mutual source of inspiration. Both capturing this by taking similar photographs of abstract compositions: construction sites, details of eroded rusty surfaces and modern (industrial) architecture. They decided to work together as artists.

Photography still forms the foundation of their work. Bits and pieces from photos are reconstructed intuitively into altered images by use of scanning, digital editing, printing, photocopying and stencil technique. Different techniques are applied on a wide range of vintage materials, for instance: collage, painting, drawing, screen printing, etching, digital printing and spray painting in urban surroundings.

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RS (Netherlands)

RS was born in The Hague in the year of Stylewars and was caught by graffiti in 1997. He studied graphic design and has a never-ending passion for the spray can. Every day and every journey he makes is marked by graffiti.

He has travelled all over Europe, not only for inspiration and to stamp, but also to cooperate in a lot of collective paintings and murals. In almost every larger European city RS has left stabbings behind in abandoned and decaying buildings, the ruins of the prosperous establishment which form a big inspiration.

Main features of his murals are the many different layers, the depths, colour schemes and the play with his distinctive style of typography. Pieces on the edge of figuration and abstraction but nevertheless with organic feeling.

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